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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4a

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance
Episode Name: Unleashed
Air date: 6/24/2013
Summary: While Scott tries to keep Isaac from engaging in a deadly confrontation with the Twins in school, Stiles attempts to prove his theory that the killings have nothing to do with werewolves.
Tim Andrew has proven himself to be a really good television director during his time on Teen Wolf. It’s easy to look at Russell Mulcahy and praise the look and feel of his episodes, but Andrew is definitely no slouch when it comes to generating tension and creating an overall feel for an episode. Set mostly at night, Andrew creates a great deal of tension during multiple scenes in the episode, but none more so than the very opening where the two adorable moppets are menaced by a rampaging, wolfed out Boyd. It’s one of the better uses of horror on the show, matched only by the later scene of the girl in the tent hallucinating/being attacked by a horde of creepy, crawly insects. (Excuse me while I involuntarily shudder; bugs are an easy way to get my skin crawling.)

It’s interesting the way Teen Wolf has come around to the horror elements of the programme. There are a lot of possible ways for any particular scene to go, from funny to tragic, and the show is careful not to be too predictable in how certain situations play out. I like that it is sparing with horror, making it more impactful when something tension-inducing happens. This week, a pair of rampaging werewolves are on the loose while people keep turning up dead left and right, and the show takes great pains to emphasize just how dangerous the situation is, even if the body count is a little low. The fact that three werewolves, all of whom are very powerful, and the most dangerous man in Beacon Hills are afraid of two people running through the woods in a rage shows how threatening Boyd and Cora are, and it provides a good use to get Chris Argent back and integrated into the plot – as well as showing off Scott’s new-found cleverness by manipulating Argent into siding with Derek Hale.

Bringing Argent back into the show’s fold adds an element of danger, and it helps focus Allison’s upcoming storyline as well. As Argent goes through his list of werewolf goodies, telling Derek, Scott, and Isaac how best to track werewolves, how to set them up with false scents, how their body heat signature is higher than normal and can be more easily detected when they’re on the prowl in wolf form, his comments are echoed by the actions of Allison. Truly, she is her father’s daughter, and Argent’s running commentary is very clever and very well written by Lucas Sussman. Ditto the intersecting between father and daughter Argent, a good idea rendered brilliantly by all involved.