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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 1a

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Episode Name: Back from the Dead
Air date: 6/23/2013
Summary: The fifth season begins with Jane desperately searching for Owen, who disappeared just before their wedding. Luke tells Jane that “Old Jane” is back on Earth and could be in anyone’s body. Meanwhile, Jane takes a case involving a boy whose drug treatment is terminated by a pharmaceutical company; and Kim represents a woman whose ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her on the Internet.

Justin Deeley, who recurred on The CW’s 90210, will be the newest face to join the Lifetime dramedy. Drop Dead Diva centers on aspiring model Deborah “Deb” Dobkins, who was killed in a car crash and brought back to life as lawyer Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott). Deeley takes over as Jane’s guardian angel, Paul, described as a “likable free spirit” with abs of steel.

For Deeley, the casting process happened “very quickly.” With pilot season over (around mid-April), his manager gave him a heads-up on the plum series-regular role. Within two weeks of the audition, he found himself “on a plane moving to Atlanta [where Drop Dead Diva films] for the summer,” he tells

In a chat with THR, Deeley breaks down his character, what viewers can expect in the new season and the one scene he’s the most nervous about seeing.

Justin Deeley: When I got to the audition initially, I wasn’t familiar with [Drop Dead Diva] at all. I’d heard of it, but I didn’t watch and I had to learn what [it was] ’cause it’s a different world that the show lives in. I watched the first season in order to get myself comfortable with everything.

THR: How would you describe Paul?

Deeley: [Paul]’s very childish, and it’s a lot of fun to play. Because he’s an angel, he’s coming back for a second go-around at this thing called life. He comes back in a new body with these new things he never had in the first go-around. I always say it like this, if we do come back on planet Earth when it’s all said and done, and God gives me a country music voice like Garth Brooks, I’m going to be the happiest man on the planet. Paul has got this body he never had his first time; maybe in his first life he said no to a lot of opportunities, maybe he didn’t have as much luck with girls. This time, he’s in this honeymoon phase. He’s a lot of fun to play because I’ve never played a comedic character.

Deeley: I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It just seems to me that the overall meaning behind it and what it’s going for, it’s not really about the lawyering as it is the deeper meaning behind it: the human beings and it doesn’t take itself too seriously as a lot of shows at times can. It’s a feel-good show and that’s why the fans were so loyal and brought it back, because they were so passionate about the show.

Deeley: I’m her guardian angel, but she almost has this big-sister thing in the beginning. I’m supposed to be watching out for her, but Paul looks up to her a great deal. Because he’s an angel, he knows her life and he knows what’s going on with her. He’s enjoying this new life he’s got and he’s also trying to figure out where he fits in. As the season progresses Paul will start to get his footing a little more, and then who knows where he’s gonna go when the season ends?

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